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Volkswagen Servicing & Repair High Wycombe

When we think of a Volkswagen, the number one word which springs to mind tends to be ‘quality.’ The brand has become synonymous with offering high-quality, stylish options at affordable prices, making them the optimum choice for anyone on the hunt for a sleek design which doesn’t break the bank. Here, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Like the Ford, there are a range of models available, making this a versatile option for buyers.

Volkswagen Fault Finding

When it comes to faults, our experienced team here at MJP has seen them all.

Even better: we have repaired them, and sent our customers off with a smile on their faces! One of the most common issues reported with most models include ABS faults, and these will be indicated by the warning light on the dashboard. As long as this is addressed quickly, there should be no cause for concern – why not make an annual MJP service part of your yearly routine to keep everything running smoothly and in tip-top condition?

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Volkswagen Repairs

Our repairs team are the very guys you want on the side in the – hopefully unlikely – event that something goes wrong with your Volkswagen. We have a strong background with the brand, and have plenty of experience in dealing with all kinds of strange noises, funny feelings, and unexpected smoke!

If you want to make sure that your car is in super-safe hands every step of the way, let our team take a look under the bonnet.

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Volkswagen MOT

MOT’s are an essential part of keeping your car in perfect working order, as well as ensuring that they adhere to legal standards. The team at MJP is made up of qualified, licensed mechanics, all more than capable to take your Volkswagen through its paces. We can collect your car before the test, and drop it back off when complete, eliminating the need for you to spend hours in the garage. From brakes to tires, bodywork to bonnet catches, we will cover every requirement. For added convenience, we can make any repairs on site, getting you back on the road in no time.

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Popular Volkswagen Models

Reliability is a major feature in picking a Volkswagen, and the Polo is often touted as one of the top brands for this. In fact, the Polo acts as a perfect all-rounder – a smart, sleek body that contains impressive German craftsmanship, with a surprising amount of power packed into a fairly small space. The Polo sits hand-in-hand with the Golf, and these two options take pride of place when it comes to choosing the best of the brand. With a timeless, classy finish, there really is not much to choose between them if you are basing your decision on looks.

When it comes to engines, the Gold models usually edge out in front, especially with their recent adoption of mild-hybrid options – perfect for the eco-conscious. They also tend to offer larger diesel engines, and this can be a decision-maker for those spending a lot of time on the motorway or traveling long distances.

MJP Motor Services provide Servicing, MOT's & Repairs for all makes and models including: