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Toyota MOT, Servicing & Repairs - High Wycombe

The humble Toyota has long earned its stripes in the world of motorsports, but it doesn’t have to be a racecar to be great. From the eco-friendly Prius to the ever-hardy Yaris, everyone has their favourite type of Toyota. It’s popularity is not undeserved; the Japanese influence means that drivers can enjoy a reliable, durable design which is more than equipped for the challenges of daily life.

Toyota Fault Finding

One of the major issues one commonly encounters with Toyota is the engine – and this can be expensive. The good news is that regular maintenance and servicing can help you to tackle a problem before it spirals out of control, and this can offer huge savings.

The team at MJP has years of experience in diagnosing and working with Toyotas, allowing them to spot an issue and fix it before it has a chance to break the bank.

Brakes and lights can also prove to be pricey, but again – a small fix now can save you a large problem later on.

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Toyota Repairs

Toyota cars have developed something of a reputation for expensive parts, largely due to their Japanese design. We can make sure that you get the best deal on your repair – without skimping on quality, authenticity, or safety.

At MJP we only use genuine parts that are designed for your car, and all of which are fitted by trained, experienced, and fully qualified mechanics or your ultimate peace of mind.

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Toyota MOT

Take the stress out of your annual MOT by entrusting the process to MJP. We have carried out thousands of tests over the course of our careers, and have the skills and technical knowledge to ensure that your car is safe and roadworthy. One of our experienced team will check each essential component, including brakes, exhaust, steering and tyres, and any repairs which are needed can be carried out right there on site.

As an added bonus, we can collect and deliver your car at either end of the test – perfect if you are dreading having to book a day’s leave!

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Popular Toyota Models

Of all the models offered by the brand, it is the Prius which has had the biggest impact in recent years with its eco-friendly credentials. Toyota were doing hybrids before hybrids were really a thing, and this means that they are streets ahead in terms of innovation, design and durability. The model has the added bonus of looking great while saving the planet, smashing stereotypes about ugle eco-friendly cars, and acting as the perfect pick for those keen to do their part. The newer Auris has followed in these footsteps, securing a legion of eco-friendly fans.

Trusty Yaris models have also maintained their sterling reputation, and are a popular choice for those who need something reliable, long lasting and trustworthy. The sheer number of older plates still going strong on the roads gives you some indication as to their longevity, and while parts can be on the expensive side, they are well worth the investment if you are looking to keep the car long-term.

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