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Mercedes Benz MOT, Servicing & Repairs - High Wycombe

Once solely the preserve of businessmen, the Mercedes-Benz has now become one of the ultimate status symbols for those looking for something a little special. The circular brand symbol is iconic and instantly recognisable, acting as a shorthand for luxury, quality and status. The range is also versatile, offering horsepower in the E class, fuel efficiency in the C class, and the utmost reliability in the GLK option.

Mercedes-Benz Fault Finding

Despite the high status of the Mercedes-Benz, there are inevitably things which can and do go wrong. Rust is one of the most common problems, and this typically appears behind the number plate, at the bottom of the doors, and around the wheel areas. While rust may appear purely cosmetic in the first instance, it can quickly cause serious structural problems – and these can be expensive.

Engine mounts are another common issue with the Mercedes-Benz, and these tend to occur at around 100,000 miles. Key indicators can be excessive vibrations, and these may appear on seats or around steering. Here at MJP, we know our way around a Mercedes motor and can diagnose and repair issues before they become a major issue.

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Mercedes-Benz Repairs

When it comes to repairs, time can be of the essence – in most cases, the sooner you get a problem sorted, the lower the cost. This is especially true for Mercedes-Benz brands – the parts can be expensive, especially if you face multiple repairs at one time.

Our team of mechanics are fully qualified, and experienced in handling everything from a run-around A class to the latest E class model. Our parts are the highest quality, ensuring that they will stand the test of time, and get you back on the road smoothly and safely.

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Mercedes-Benz MOT

An MOT is essential for any vehicle, and will help to ensure that your wheels are safe, secure and roadworthy. Key elements to be inspected include the fuel system, exhaust, emissions, wheels and tyres and bodywork, amongst other aspects.

Our technicians at MJP can pick up your vehicle from your location, carry out the test, and deliver it back to you good as new. We can even take care of repairs right there on site thanks to a modern workshop which leaves us more than capable of tackling even the most modern of Mercedes models.

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Popular Mercedes-Benz Models

The Mercedes-Benz comes in a wide range of options, models and type, meaning that there really is something for everyone. As we mentioned, the C and E class are usually the most popular options, and both have their own advantages. Fans of a compact model will be more than happy with the sleek A class, and this is also a top choice for executives.

All of the Mercedes models have one thing in common: they are stylish, high quality and make a serious statement. For many drivers, they are also a significant investment, meaning that a long lifespan is essential. Regular servicing and upkeeps are a crucial part of ownership, allowing you to enjoy your vehicle for the long-haul.

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