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Peugeot MOT, Servicing & Repairs - High Wycombe

If you are on the hunt for a well built, comfortable car which offers a smooth and pleasant ride, it is well worth checking out one of the range of Peugeot models available. This is a classic brand, built for reliability, which has gone through something of a transformation in recent years, helping it to match the sleek, sophisticated shapes favoured by modern vehicles.

Peugeot Fault Finding

While the Peugeot 308 is perfect once you get going, getting started can sometimes be an issue. Many drivers have reported faults when starting from a cold engine, and this could indicate a problem with the ECU. Steering issues can also arise, so make sure your power steering is always up to date and in excellent working order. Uneven tyre wear can also be a factor here; you need to make sure your tyres are in good condition, and that they are swapped regularly to help them wear more evenly, reducing your chances of a problem.

The exhaust system should be monitored closely; any issues will usually be flagged with an ‘anti-pollution’ warning message – this is a clear sign that we need to take a look.

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Peugeot Repairs

Many Peugeots have a reputation for high repair costs, largely due to the hefty price tag which can come with the correct parts. As a result, some drivers will opt for poor quality parts, but this is a false economy, and will not stand the test of time.

At MJP, we pride ourselves on only offering genuine, top-quality parts that are designed to work perfectly with your vehicle. This helps to reduce the chances of a further breakdown and can save you significant sums in the long run.

Our team of qualified mechanics can take care of your repair quickly and easily, even offering an exclusive pick up and drop off service to help ensure that your repair is as painless and convenient as possible.

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Peugeot MOT

Tackling your MOT does not have to be traumatic if you are in the hands of the professionals! This yearly test is essential for ensuring that your car is safe, roadworthy and legally sound, and includes testing elemens such as the brakes, windscreen wipers, tyres and exhaust system. We can carry out the test and any repairs in our workshop, allowing you to drive away with total confidence.

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Popular Peugeot Models

Smaller sizes have always been a feature of many Peugeot cars, and the 208 retains its status as a fan favourite largely for this reason. It sits comfortably between the smaller 108 and the 308 hatches, and regularly tops the list with its perfect size, practical design and all-round benefits.

Peugeot have also joined brands such as Nissan and Hyindai in joining the crossover market, adding a 3008 option to their range as the ideal 4×4/hatchback hybrid. Sharp digital displays are becoming a common feature, and this helps to set even the budget models apart from competitors – there is a lot packed into a comparatively small space!

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