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Nissan MOT, Servicing & Repairs - High Wycombe

As one of the biggest selling Japanese cars, it should come as no surprise that Nissan made out top ten. The brand is known for offering a broad range of models, meaning that there really is something for everyone, as well as seemingly bold decisions which have the advantage of always paying off with customers!

Nissan Fault Finding

The most commonly reported issue with Nissans is small, but strangely frustrating: the boot latch is prone to damage and degradation, and this appears to be common across all models. Though a small issue, this is super important to fix as soon as you spot it; if you struggle to get under the bonnet, larger issues could easily go unnoticed. Body work can also be prone to rust and damage; while cosmetic issues are mostly just annoying, rust can lead to serious damage and a dangerous vehicle if it is not immediately treated.

To help avoid your chances of running into a serious issue, make sure you keep with annual services to keep the overall health of the car in excellent condition. Additionally, tackle any repairs as they arrive – this is not only safer, but could also save you money.

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Nissan Repairs

One of the easiest ways to avoid expensive repairs is to ensure that your car is serviced regularly, and this is especially true for most Nissan models. With this brand, a repair in time can be a great way to save you from an expensive replacement down the line – parts tend to be pretty pricey, and sums can add up if you need a lot of work done.

At MJP, we can diagnose and fix any problems before they become a major issue, and this has two advantages: you save your hard-earned cash, while sleeping soundly in the knowledge that your car is safe and roadworthy. Our repairs team carry out work quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards every time.

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Nissan MOT

An MOT is an essential test that helps to ensure that your car is roadworthy, safe, and legal. Our team at MJP will carry out dozens of checks to ensure this, examining everything from seatbelts to tires, mirrors to lights, and exhaust systems to windscreen wipers. With years of experience under our belts, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the safest and most capable hands.

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Popular Nissan Models

The choice available within the Nissan brand is definitely one of its top selling points, and allows fans to stick with the brand throughout different stages of their lives. The ever-popular Qashai was a real game changer, offering a solution to those stuck between a larger SUV and a compact hatchback by merging the two concepts. Though risky, this paid off, and the model remains one of the most popular picks from the Nissan range.

At the smaller end of the scale, the humble Micra is a popular choice for those who want power without a huge size, while the Juke is a good ‘in-between’ option for those who remain on the fence. There is no denying that Nissan is a brand with their finger firmly on the market, and their offerings are always a huge hit with consumers.

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